#MFlearn19 week 1 roundup

#MFlearn19 is a 6 week online course for music educators. Head on over here to find out more

As we’re coming to the end of week 1 I thought I’d share some of my highlights of the week. I’ve really enjoyed this first week of the course, I hope you did too??  (it’s always great to get feedback). If you didn’t get a chance to do anything this week, don’t worry there is still plenty of time to catch up and perhaps even write that blog post!

I loved this week’s guest videos, firstly Ethan talking about the role of hip hop in the classroom and the opportunities it presents. A key take away for me was that a core purpose of music education has to be about preparing young people for life-long musical participation, and so as educators we should be designing our curriculum to take into account what opportunities for musical participation there are outside the school gates. It also made me think as a music educator, should/could I be doing more to support community music making?

Ethan Hein Video Taster…

In our second guest video of the week Gareth Dylan Smith talked about informal learning principle 1 and the idea of ‘the snowball self’

Gareth Dylan Smith Video Taster…

In the week 1 discussion forum Justin Hockey shared some of the conclusions from one of this week’s readings, the bit that stands out for me is that…

“principles of hip-hop cultures might serve as a catalyst for thinking about a way of being in the music world that is relevant, responsive, and sustaining”

There have been so many great blog posts written this week, you can find them all on the course home page HERE. What follows are just a few of the memorable takeaways for me.

Firstly the ‘Blogger of the week’ prize goes to Danielle from Bangkok (go buy yourself a nice bottle of wine). Danielle wrote an amazing blog – ‘Hip Hop Hippie’ in which she shares some of her classroom teaching experiences around the world. Sandie from Canada goes beyond the question of what music her students like and identify with, deciding that there needs to be a better way of guiding them through the process of finding, recognizing and exploring the music that is out there. I wonder, is it the case that the music that student’s like and identify with is often what has been most heavily marketed AT them? In her blog here, Jeni Little from New Zealand highlights the importance of a negotiated curriculum respecting students’ opinions. Here Miss L, introduces her UK context and shares what she hopes to get out of the course. Tony from Singapore has written a great blog sharing how he teaches Hip Hop as part of the IB MYP curriculum, also touching on the knowledge and skills debate!

There were also some great chats on Facebook and Twitter. On Wednesday, the fabulous Kellee from Brisbane Australia hosted the Musical Futures Facebook Chat discussion, focusing on student choice. Then the lovely people over at Music Your Way sparked some lively discussion. Below is a selection of tweets from this week for you to scroll through.

See you in week 2!!

Author: @sjeeves

I’m a music teacher also studying an MA in a Digital Education

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